5 reasons why I LOVE Summer…

This title of this post is actually kind of misleading. It makes it seem like summer is my favorite season, but it’s really not. I like cold weather (and because I live in Los Angeles cold weather to me is about 60 degrees). So here are a few reasons why I actually like summer:

1. I can mow the lawn in a bathing suit top and yoga shorts and not be questioned, because it’s so damn hot.


2. I can make sun tea!!! Seriously, so good. and easy. Put a couple tea bags in a jug and let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Then, add ice and drink. If drinking sun tea doesn’t say summer to you, then I don’t know what does. (Now that I think about this, I really could make sun tea at pretty much any time of the year, but making it in the summer is the best).


3. I actually have time to read books that are not a Psychology, Philosophy, United States History, Art History, or Statistics text book.


I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in case you were wondering 😉


4. Going to the beach/Santa Monica Pier/Venice (Again, I could go to these places at any time of the year, but it’s better in the summer).


My Uncle & I on Thursday Night 

5. And my favoritefavoritefavorite thing about summer… is our annual, week-long family vacation to The Outerbanks in North Carolina (OBX!). My dad and his four siblings (and their families), which makes a grand total of 23 people(5 are the siblings, the other 5 are spouses, and the other 13 are the offspring aka my cousins, brother and I), rent a beach house. It’s pure insanity. but literally the best week ever. I’m not lying when I say that there is never a dull moment. Here is a picture from two years ago, of my 11 cousins, my brother and I. It’s two years old because and not everyone is in it because, as you can imagine, it is difficult to round up and get a picture of 23 people at once. Image

….and there you go. I’ve got to go because Harry Potter is calling my name.

What is YOUR favorite thing about summer?