Thursday Things

I feel like I haven’t done an actual post in a while. Here are some of my thoughts on this lovely thursday (mainly about my new job as a waitress at a senior living facility, sorry to bore you)

1. I have Wednesday and Thursdays off from work. Yay. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a raging sore throat and no voice. That would happen to me. Soo for the past two days, echinacea tea, menthol cough drops and I have been BFF’s. We’re the three best friends that anyone could have (Ha)

2. I have been having nightmares about the residents that I serve yelling at me for more butter or for not toasting their bread dark enough. Seriously though, those old people are really intimidating.

3. Why are the old ladies constantly trying to set me up with someone? Do I look like I need that much help? Geez.

Here’s an example:

“How old are you, dolly?”

Me: “19”

“Oh, well that’s waay too young for my son and a little too young for my grandson, but I can introduce you anyway.”

Me: awkwardly laugh and walk away.

Another lady actually flagged me down (while carrying a full tray on my way back to the kitchen) and made me meet her middle-aged son. Her son then proceeded to tell her how busy I was and that I don’t have time for this right now. Thanks for that, son.

And yet another lady, one who claimed she was going to adopt me because I’m such a “cutie” (that’s debatable), was telling me how shocked she was that I didn’t have a boyfriend and that she can help me find one. Her friend then gave me a long lecture about how important it is to be independent. And then started talking about how important it is to go to school…I hear ya.

Needless to say, my daily conversations with these people are very amusing.

4. Just because you are older than me does not mean that I am your slave and forever indebted to you. So please, do not yell “Shelby!” across the dining hall because you need me to get you some applesauce stat while I’m in the midst of taking someone else’s order. You’d be suprised how much this actually happens. Also, don’t stop me on my way to deliver food to a table to ask if there is a school called “Shelby”. Can’t that wait for another time?

5. I just ordered 5 items from Urban Outfitters for $60. Hell yes. Added bonus: If you spend over $50, free shipping!

-a high waisted tribal print skirt ($9.99) Sparkle & Fade Intarsia Skirt

-a hair wrap ($9.99) Chiffon Hair Scarf

-sandals ($12.99) Ecote Breezy Suede Thong Sandal

-a tube top ($9.99) Lucca Couture Twisted Strapless Top

-a slouchy beanie ($16.99) Pins And Needles Slouchy Crochet Beret

It’s hard to believe that the most expensive thing I bought was a beanie…I love me some good deals.

6. What is the purpose of leaf blowers? Other than being the most annoying things ever. Like seriously, you have a clean yard for about a minute and then the wind blows the leaves back. I’m sitting outside while typing this, that’s what this thought came to mind.

7. I’m really hoping that by 4 PM tomorrow, I will have gotten my voice back. I really, really don’t want to have to call in sick at work after only being working for about 2 weeks. That just seems shady.

Funny Get Well Ecard: Sorry your sick day is due to actual sickness.

ImageMy brother and I in our work uniforms with our papa.

Have a nice thursday, everyone!

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry that I’ve been so absent lately, guys! So, at the start of summer I applied to like 30 places looking for work, and finally I got a bite! A waitressing position at a local retirement home opened up, and I just got hired last week! It’s WAAAY more work than I expected, but it feels awesome to be making my own money. I’m embarrassed to say that this is my first job (yes, I’m 19), but I’ve never really looked for work before this summer. Anyways, most of the residents that I serve are super sweet, but they are also really picky about their orders, which makes things complicated for me :/ Lunch and dinner service are seriously so hectic and crazy. (I don’t know about breakfast, because I’ve only worked lunch and dinner.)

My feet hurt so badly and I’m so exhausted; I’ve had 8 hour days for the past 3 days of training. I know that doesn’t sound that bad because that’s kind of normal, but since this is my first job and all, it’s hard to get used to standing on my feet for 8 hours at a time. I should be done with training on tuesday. 

I don’t really have much for you guys right now, but I just wanted to update ya’ll and let you know why I’ve been MIA lately.