WIAW- Nothing more, nothing less.

No introduction is really needed for this because it’s WIAW! Woohoo!

If you want to join in on the fun, go visit Jenn’s page.

Breakfast: A big bowl of Kashi mixed with All Bran cereal & Almond Milk, and a bowl of Fage Greek yogurt.


Lunch: I have literally eaten this sandwich for the past 4 days. It is perfection. Toasted Oroweat 10 grain bread with spicy red pepper hummus, swiss cheese, avacado and spinach. Also, a chopped pear and a couple squares of Lindt 90% Cacao.ImageImageImage

Afternoon Snack: A (very watery) bowl of oatmeal with banana mixed in


Dinner : A recycled picture, but my dinners are always similar but just with different grains. Last nights grain was whole wheat pearl cous cous mixed with my typical veggies and vegetarian meatballs.


Have a nice Wednesday, everybody! 😀

Happy WIAW!

Wait…Is it seriously June 27th already?! Have I really been out of school for almost a month already? That is so insane, I want my summer to slow down and last forever. I don’t want to go back to school. I want to continue to go on bike rides along Santa Monica and go to the beach whenever I please. 


(Before going biking with my typical picture face :p)

Alright so now that I have depressed you guys about the fact that summer is slowly dwindling, I better bring your moods up by reminding you that it’s WIAW!


My eats were particularly unique this week (for me). I have always hated tomatoes, unless they came in the form of ketchup or marinara sauce. But the thought of eating a tomato slice or just popping a grape tomato in my mouth actually disgusted me. So last week I decided to re-try tomatoes and find out if I actually still hate them, and I was suprised to find that they aren’t as bad as I thought. It’s so weird how your taste buds can learn to like a certain taste. You’ll notice that I incorporated tomato slices onto my lunch this week, aren’t you proud? 😉

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran Clusters with almond milk and Fage Greek yogurt


Lunch: An apple, a portabello mushroom smeared with avocado and topped with tomato slices, and a black bean burger with swiss cheese, avocado, and tomato slices.


Afternoon Snack: Oat bran with pumpkin, cinnamon, and walnuts


Dinner: Lentils with mashed up Trader Joes Meatless Meatballs, and veggies on top (I’m showing you two pics: before I put the veggies on and then after, because the veggies pretty much dominate the picture)


What foods do you hate (or think you hate)? Would you be willing to re-try them and see if your tastes have changed? 


My first(!!) What I Ate Wednesday

Lately, I have been craving peanut butter SO much. Like seriously, I eat it by the spoonful. I go through phases with my cravings, like one time I had like a 3 week span where I craved tortillas everyday (so weird), another time I craved eating frozen fruit every night which also lasted for a couple weeks, the same with Wheat bites cereal and countless others.

Enough about that, we have more important thing to do! It’s Wednesday! Wednesdays have always been my favorite day to read blogs. I seriously enjoy looking at what other people ate a little too much. Here goes my first WIAW:

Breakfast–a big bowl of Kashi original cereal and some All Bran cereal underneath (that you can’t see) with Almond Milk and a bowl of Fage Greek Yogurt.


Lunch— started off with a Red Delicious apple (my fave), cut into wedges using my nifty little gadget.Image

Then, I made myself a burrito on a whole wheat tortilla with Light Life Smart Ground Original Crumbles (a good option for protein if you’re a vegetarian, like me, or even if you’re not), swiss cheese, and some spinach.


Lunch also consisted a glass of sun tea (or two), and a large salad with tomatoes, lettuce, shredded carrots, garbanzo beans, walnuts, and some balsamic vinagrete to top it off. ImageImage

Afternoon Snack(s)– 

An orange and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. (told you!)Image


Dinner– was eaten super late (10:30 PM) because I went to go see the Hunger Games (finally!!!!) with a friend. It was so good, the movie and my dinner, that is 😉

This big bowl contained a pile of barley, Trader Joes’ Meatless Meatballs (I mashed them up and mixed them in), and a huge pile of stir-fry vegetables on top, which is pretty much all you can see in this picture.ImageHappy Wednesday, Everyone!!

Do you have any odd cravings? Do you let yourself give in to cravings?