A WIAW to lighten the mood

It’s August. AKA I start school in 16 days. Crap. As of now, I’m registered in 6 classes at two different community colleges (19 units 😮 ). I’m thinking that I’m going to need to drop one of my classes because I’ll most likely have NO time with my new job and all. Even with 5 classes It’ll probably still be tough. The past two semesters I had 5 classes each and it was a challenge to have enough time for all my school work, and maintain a good GPA so that I could be on the dean’s honor roll. aaand I didn’t even work then. That makes me super nervous. Erggg

I need to talk about something else before I get really upset/pissed off. What a perfect time to for a WIAW! 😉

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Breakfast: Big bowl of Fage greek yogurt with blueberries


Lunch: Egg white scrambles with American cheese, mushrooms, and broccoli.ImageSnack: A navel orange. and 4 (unpictured) squares of Lindt 90% Cacao dark chocolate

Dinner: A bowl of Tabatchnik’s Chili (nothing makes you want chili more than 100 degree weather, right?) and avocado on an english muffin.Image

If you’re in college, how many units can you handle at once? Do you suggest that I drop a class?

Just another WIAW

My summer is seriously flying by! Aaaah, that’s not good! SLOW DOWN, SUMMER. I don’t want to go back to school just yet! Here’s another WIAW post (I feel like I just posted one).Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran Clusters, some cantaloupe & (unpictured) Fage yogurt

Lunch: Egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, cheddar cheese & a double fiber english muffin with avocado smeared on top.

Afternoon snack: 4 squares of 90% cacao Lindt chocolate. nomnomnom

Dinner: A burrito with some salsa

Yesterday was my brothers 21st birthday, and since I’ve been working all week, today has been my first day off. Soooo, I finally had time to make him a cake. I decided on making an oreo cake and I think it turned out great! Here’s an awkward picture of me with no makeup holding my creation (haha).

Here’s the boxed mix that I used to make the cake:

I bought it at target for just a couple bucks! It takes like no time at all to make, and all the ingredients you need come in the box. I decided to border the cake with whole oreo’s so I needed to buy those separately, though. So easy. Aaand you don’t even have to bake it, you can just refrigerate it for an hour or so after you prepare the ingredients and then it’s ready to eat. My brother wanted it more like ice cream so we froze it instead and I think it came out really well. I’m gonna have to keep this mix in mind for when I want to make something that looks pretty when I don’t have a lot of time 😀

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity…

Hey hey! I’m home from an AMAZING vacay in Corolla, North Carolina. I wish I could go back, I miss my cousins, aunts & uncles already 😦 Going from a house with 24 people to a house with 4 is such a drastic change. It’s so quiet at my house compared to how it was, and I miss there being people to talk to and there ALWAYS being something going on. I also miss the fact that the most important decision I had to make everyday was whether to go to the beach or the pool first. aaah, that was the life.

Before I left I posted healthy travel tips. Truth is, I ate pretty much nothing but junk the whole vacation, and only really exercised twice. And even though I did gain some weight, I’m fine with that. Because you know what? I had a great time. Obviously, I’m not going to continue eating chocolate chip pancakes and, tortilla chips, and brownies everyday. This vacation seemed to be exactly what I needed on my mission to let go of my harsh eating rules, and it was very refreshing! I actually felt like a normal eater, and ate what the rest of my family was eating (except meat, of course).

Here are some miscellaneous pics from my week in the Outer banks:



1. The view from deck at our beach house. The beach was just a short walk away.

2. Two of my cousins & I out on the deck.

3. A day at the beach (I’m in the corner 😉

4. Again at the beach with two of my cousins

5. Our family photo. Each individual family, 5 families total–my dad has 4 siblings, wore a certain color (well actually 2 families ended up in navy blue somehow…). My family was in yellow, but since my brother couldn’t make the trip this week due to work, we only had 3 yellows 😦

6. Chillin’ in the pool. This picture could have been taken any day of the week. Those floating things were seriously the BEST.

7. Go-karting. I still don’t understand why driving cars that go waaaay slower than actual cars are worth while. These cars probably went about 20 mph but were so dang fun, maybe because I was racing with the majority of my family.

Oh and my family and I are looking into rental houses for next year already and are considering different areas. We have done North Carolina for the past 4 years. If anyone has any recommendations for vacation homes that can accomodate about 23 people, that would be great. Preferably places that are near a lake, river or ocean. We want to try new places, but it’s hard to find homes that can fit all of us, so let me know! 😀

Do you have a annual family vacation? What’s your favorite vacation spot thus far?

5 reasons why I LOVE Summer…

This title of this post is actually kind of misleading. It makes it seem like summer is my favorite season, but it’s really not. I like cold weather (and because I live in Los Angeles cold weather to me is about 60 degrees). So here are a few reasons why I actually like summer:

1. I can mow the lawn in a bathing suit top and yoga shorts and not be questioned, because it’s so damn hot.


2. I can make sun tea!!! Seriously, so good. and easy. Put a couple tea bags in a jug and let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Then, add ice and drink. If drinking sun tea doesn’t say summer to you, then I don’t know what does. (Now that I think about this, I really could make sun tea at pretty much any time of the year, but making it in the summer is the best).


3. I actually have time to read books that are not a Psychology, Philosophy, United States History, Art History, or Statistics text book.


I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in case you were wondering 😉


4. Going to the beach/Santa Monica Pier/Venice (Again, I could go to these places at any time of the year, but it’s better in the summer).


My Uncle & I on Thursday Night 

5. And my favoritefavoritefavorite thing about summer… is our annual, week-long family vacation to The Outerbanks in North Carolina (OBX!). My dad and his four siblings (and their families), which makes a grand total of 23 people(5 are the siblings, the other 5 are spouses, and the other 13 are the offspring aka my cousins, brother and I), rent a beach house. It’s pure insanity. but literally the best week ever. I’m not lying when I say that there is never a dull moment. Here is a picture from two years ago, of my 11 cousins, my brother and I. It’s two years old because and not everyone is in it because, as you can imagine, it is difficult to round up and get a picture of 23 people at once. Image

….and there you go. I’ve got to go because Harry Potter is calling my name.

What is YOUR favorite thing about summer?

“Strawberry Fields Forever”

So the name of this post should actually be “Two Strawberry Plants” because I don’t have a field of strawberries nor does it go on forever, but I thought a little tribute to The Beatles would be better.

I have a bad history with trying to grow plants. I have tried numerous times to grow apples trees by plucking an apple seed in dirt and hoping for the best. That doesn’t work out too well. Also, the time I attempted to grow carrots (I’ll pretend like this failure didn’t happen just two weeks ago). Yes, those little orange stubs are actually carrots. Although they may not look like it, or even taste like carrots for that matter.



It’s sad to say, but those were actually the biggest ones

Enough about carrots.  I had mentioned before to my family, that we should get more strawberry plants because we have a random one weak, little strawberry plant that decided to pop up in our front yard. And also because strawberries are so perfect and delicious. So, for my 19th birthday this year (April 2nd), my brother bought me two strawberry plants. So, he got me the plants and cute little pots to go with it and I planted them that day. Image

I planted these strawberries in the ground a couple weeks ago, and these strawberry plants have just started to produce strawberries!! Holy crap. I didn’t kill the plants. That is super exciting. I literally can’t wait to try the strawberries, and even if they taste bitter and gross, I will refuse to admit it. I am probably way more excited than I should be about this, but whatever floats my boat, right?


ImageI guess you can say that I get excited easily.

Have you had successes (or failures) with gardening?