“Strawberry Fields Forever”

So the name of this post should actually be “Two Strawberry Plants” because I don’t have a field of strawberries nor does it go on forever, but I thought a little tribute to The Beatles would be better.

I have a bad history with trying to grow plants. I have tried numerous times to grow apples trees by plucking an apple seed in dirt and hoping for the best. That doesn’t work out too well. Also, the time I attempted to grow carrots (I’ll pretend like this failure didn’t happen just two weeks ago). Yes, those little orange stubs are actually carrots. Although they may not look like it, or even taste like carrots for that matter.



It’s sad to say, but those were actually the biggest ones

Enough about carrots.  I had mentioned before to my family, that we should get more strawberry plants because we have a random one weak, little strawberry plant that decided to pop up in our front yard. And also because strawberries are so perfect and delicious. So, for my 19th birthday this year (April 2nd), my brother bought me two strawberry plants. So, he got me the plants and cute little pots to go with it and I planted them that day. Image

I planted these strawberries in the ground a couple weeks ago, and these strawberry plants have just started to produce strawberries!! Holy crap. I didn’t kill the plants. That is super exciting. I literally can’t wait to try the strawberries, and even if they taste bitter and gross, I will refuse to admit it. I am probably way more excited than I should be about this, but whatever floats my boat, right?


ImageI guess you can say that I get excited easily.

Have you had successes (or failures) with gardening?