Thoughts from the Weekend

  1. It is so great how much rain we have been getting in southern California. I can’t even recall a time where we’ve gotten the amount of rain that we have this winter.
  2. People LOVE to pressure you to drink. I already knew this but it’s so weird how people do this. My boyfriend and I went to a 21st birthday party on Saturday and neither of us felt like drinking that night. I am not kidding when I say that almost everyone came up to us and asked “Why aren’t you drinking??!!” or “Let me make you a drink!” or “Come on!! take a shot with meeeee.” I felt like I was committing a crime because people were so concerned about the fact that we weren’t drinking, even though we were enjoying ourselves without any alcohol. I never have understood why people have such a strong urge to pressure other people to drink. If you want to drink, I have no problem with it and I’m not saying I’ll never drink again but that particular night I just didn’t feel like it.
  3. I was supposed to go to Disneyland on Friday buuuuut it was pouring rain, so it was mutually decided that it probably wouldn’t be very fun to stand in lines in the rain. So we’re postponing the trip until this Friday. Yay.
  4. We finally got our sh*t together and took down our Christmas tree.
  5. I saw “Patriot’s Day” and it was sooo good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and shed a bunch of tears.                                                                                                                                                       All in all, I had a good weekend. What did YOU do this weekend?!

WIAW: First day of class

Today was my first day of class at a new community college that I’ve never attended before. I’m still going to be going to the one that I went to last year, but that college doesn’t start until the 29th of August. I’m only taking one class at the other community college that started today. I am so excited! That’s really weird and nerdy of me, I know. Is it strange that I actually look forward to learning and going to classes? Probably. And I’ll probably even think that  I am weird for writing this when I have 4 term papers and 6 tests to study for in about a month. But for now, I’m looking forward to it, especially the class that I started today which is a nutritional science class. I literally shrieked out loud when I saw the books I needed for the class because they looked right up my alley. Again, I’m bizarre, but I’m okay with that.

Also, today is Wednesday! AKA it’s WIAW. Thanks to Jenn for hosting every week! Okay, I think that’s enough, between new textbooks and WIAW, I’ve had plenty of excitement for the day 😉

For breakfast (9:00 AM), I had a large bowl of Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds with Almond milk and a bowl of (unpictured) Fage Greek yogurt. Fiber one just came out with this cereal and it’s SO good. I love it so much. And it has 11 grams of fiber per 1 cup serving.Image

My only complaint would be for there to be more almonds, but it’s still frickin’ amazing. Here’s a closeup:Image

I decided to head to the gym for a yoga class that went from 10:00-11:00 AM. So relaxing yet challenging. I also did about 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill and some strength training for my legs. I also hit up Target after the gym to get a new yoga mat and some new $5 tank tops 😀 After getting home and showering, I was super hungry.

My post-workout lunch (12:30 PM) was a massive 3 egg white and 1 whole egg omelette with swiss cheese, spinach and mushrooms. That’s about 25 grams of protein just from the eggs and about 8 more grams of protein from the cheese, exactly what my body needed. I was planning to put in red bell peppers also but ended up eating the pepper in it’s entirety while cooking the omelette. Whatevs. I also had a sandwich thin topped with avocado and an (unpictured) HUGE Red Delicious apple. Like seriously this thing was ginormous. Oh and I had a square of Lindt 90% Cacao chocolate as well 😉 I can’t resist it.



Before leaving for class, I needed to fuel up again.  Did I mention my class is from 6-9 PM? Kind of shitty hours. My afternoon snack (4:30 PM) was a bowl full of oat bran mixed with lots of cinnamon, walnuts, and a tad of stevia. The fiber and the fact that the carbs in oat bran are slowly released into the bloodstream kept me full until I was able to eat again at around 9:30 PM.


Dinner was eaten late (about 9:30 PM). I had my usual big bowl of veggies with grains and either black beans or meatless meatballs. Today my grain of choice was bulgur and I mixed that with Trader Joe’s meatless meatballs. nomnomnomImage

My favorites: ABC’s

I just saw this little survey on Hilary’s page and thought it sounded fun, so I’m gonna give it a go.

The rules are to list one of your favorite things that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. Super easy.

A- Adele. Her music, anywhere, anytime. Her voice is equivalent to an angel’s.

B- bodypump! My favorite class at the gym. I feel like such a beast (in a good way) while taking that class.

C- cereal. My go-to breakfast every morning. I can eat cereal at any time of the day, it’s always good.


D-dark chocolate. I eat 90% cacao dark chocolate. every. single. day. At first, I thought it was tasteless, but as I got used to it, I became obsessed with it.


E- endorphins you get after exercise. Seriously, the best feeling in the world is after a good workout.

F-farmers markets. Absolutely love them, even if I don’t buy anything, I just love the atmosphere and looking at all the food.

G- group fitness classes. Working out in a group really motivates me.

H-holidays. (especially Christmas) I love how everything is decorated and the feeling of being with family around the holidays.

I- iphone. k so I don’t actually have one. But, when the iphone 5 comes out, you best believe that I’ll be buying one.

J- jingle bells. Not actually a favorite of mine, but I’m trying to say that I love christmas songs. Only because that means that its christmastime.

K- kids. sounds very pedophiliac, I know. I love their innocent minds.

L- laughing. 

M- mommy. My mom is my best friend, she’s the greatest woman ever.


N- nutrition. sounds vague, but what I mean is I love reading the latest info regarding nutrition.

O- oatmeal or oat bran. 


P- pumpkins. For eating them or just for looking at. I just love them.

Q- quinoa. my favorite whole grain because it is a source of complete protein and is delicious.

R-rain. There is nothing better than a rainy day where you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything and can just sit indoors while it is pouring outside.

S- scarves. Perfect accessory to complete a wintery outfit.

T- tortillas. Perfect for burritos, quesadillas, wraps. 


U-Urban Outfitters. Enough said.

V- volunteering. I volunteer at a hospital and love it. It feels so good to help out.

W-walking. I mean I’m pretty sure everyone loves the ability to walk, but I’m talking about walking in the sense of taking long walks for exercise and to clear the mind. I take long walks pretty much every night with my mom and we just talk about everything, I love them.

X- xercise (see what I did there?) 

Y-yellow. My favorite color because it’s so bright and happy.

Z- zoos. I love animals. yeah, I’m also 5 years old.

Do we have any of the same favorite things?

WIAW- Nothing more, nothing less.

No introduction is really needed for this because it’s WIAW! Woohoo!

If you want to join in on the fun, go visit Jenn’s page.

Breakfast: A big bowl of Kashi mixed with All Bran cereal & Almond Milk, and a bowl of Fage Greek yogurt.


Lunch: I have literally eaten this sandwich for the past 4 days. It is perfection. Toasted Oroweat 10 grain bread with spicy red pepper hummus, swiss cheese, avacado and spinach. Also, a chopped pear and a couple squares of Lindt 90% Cacao.ImageImageImage

Afternoon Snack: A (very watery) bowl of oatmeal with banana mixed in


Dinner : A recycled picture, but my dinners are always similar but just with different grains. Last nights grain was whole wheat pearl cous cous mixed with my typical veggies and vegetarian meatballs.


Have a nice Wednesday, everybody! 😀

A WIAW to lighten the mood

It’s August. AKA I start school in 16 days. Crap. As of now, I’m registered in 6 classes at two different community colleges (19 units 😮 ). I’m thinking that I’m going to need to drop one of my classes because I’ll most likely have NO time with my new job and all. Even with 5 classes It’ll probably still be tough. The past two semesters I had 5 classes each and it was a challenge to have enough time for all my school work, and maintain a good GPA so that I could be on the dean’s honor roll. aaand I didn’t even work then. That makes me super nervous. Erggg

I need to talk about something else before I get really upset/pissed off. What a perfect time to for a WIAW! 😉

If you want to join the weekly fun, check out Jenn’s blog!

Breakfast: Big bowl of Fage greek yogurt with blueberries


Lunch: Egg white scrambles with American cheese, mushrooms, and broccoli.ImageSnack: A navel orange. and 4 (unpictured) squares of Lindt 90% Cacao dark chocolate

Dinner: A bowl of Tabatchnik’s Chili (nothing makes you want chili more than 100 degree weather, right?) and avocado on an english muffin.Image

If you’re in college, how many units can you handle at once? Do you suggest that I drop a class?

Just another WIAW

My summer is seriously flying by! Aaaah, that’s not good! SLOW DOWN, SUMMER. I don’t want to go back to school just yet! Here’s another WIAW post (I feel like I just posted one).Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran Clusters, some cantaloupe & (unpictured) Fage yogurt

Lunch: Egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, cheddar cheese & a double fiber english muffin with avocado smeared on top.

Afternoon snack: 4 squares of 90% cacao Lindt chocolate. nomnomnom

Dinner: A burrito with some salsa

Yesterday was my brothers 21st birthday, and since I’ve been working all week, today has been my first day off. Soooo, I finally had time to make him a cake. I decided on making an oreo cake and I think it turned out great! Here’s an awkward picture of me with no makeup holding my creation (haha).

Here’s the boxed mix that I used to make the cake:

I bought it at target for just a couple bucks! It takes like no time at all to make, and all the ingredients you need come in the box. I decided to border the cake with whole oreo’s so I needed to buy those separately, though. So easy. Aaand you don’t even have to bake it, you can just refrigerate it for an hour or so after you prepare the ingredients and then it’s ready to eat. My brother wanted it more like ice cream so we froze it instead and I think it came out really well. I’m gonna have to keep this mix in mind for when I want to make something that looks pretty when I don’t have a lot of time 😀

Healthy Traveling Tips

Hey, hey! I think I mentioned before that I will be going on vacay tomorrow. WOOHOO! Outer banks, North Carolina, here I come 😀 Hopefully the power is working at the rental house where we will be staying, because I’ve heard that areas on the east coast are going through sweltering heat and some have no electricity…that would be miserable. I just checked the weather for this week and I’m praying the weather doesn’t ACTUALLY turn out this way:



Whenever I tell people that I’m going on vacation to North Carolina, they respond “WHY?!” I then proceed to tell them how beautiful it is and that we rent a house right by the beach and they usually say, “There’s a beach in North Carolina?!!” I told my dad that this is how most of my friends respond, and he suggested I get new friends…ones that know geography. North Carolina IS on the coast, after all. If you guys don’t believe me that North Carolina is gorgeous, I will post pictures when I’m back that will convince you that it is.

Anyways, traveling always stresses me out. For obvious reasons (airplanes, airports, etc) and not so obvious reasons (what am I going to eat?). Here are some tips that I use when traveling, in order to not turn into a lazy slob within the week.

1. Packets of oatmeal are your BEST friend. Seriously. Just ask for a cup of hot water and you can pretty much eat it anywhere (on the plane, in the airport, at a hotel). In my situation, since I will be staying at a rental house, I like to bring my oatmeal, even though there are breakfast options, but  I just like to keep my diet somewhat normal to what is usually is.Image

2. Drink A LOT of water. Water helps your body run properly, and since traveling is very stressful on your body, water can help. It also helps you feel full. I always hate doing this because I absolutely HATE climbing over the person next to me on the plane every 20 minutes to use the restroom. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

3. Don’t forget to eat your fiber! Sometimes while on vacation, we completely forget about our usual eating rules. Fiber is one nutrient that you don’t want to forget. Not only does it help you feel fuller longer, but if your fiber intake is lacking you can become bloated and constipated AKA not cute, especially if you’re gonna be sportin’ a bikini. 😉


4. Pack snacks. Bars, nuts, dried fruit, real fruit, etc. It sucks when you’re sitting in the airport & starving, and you don’t want to pay the absolutely insane prices for food. Or when you’re on the plane & they don’t serve you a meal (I haven’t had a meal on a plane in years, you’d think if you were flying across country you would get at least a bag of pretzels…not the case). My fave bars as of now are called Corazonas Oatmeal squares, and I bought them at Costco. My favorite flavor is the blueberry, although I’ve only tried blueberry and the chocolate chip flavors. They have a good amount of fiber (6 grams) and are really tasty and filling!


5. Try to incorporate your normal fitness routine. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard your normal routine. Try finding hotels that have gyms/pools. If not, take walks/runs around the neighborhood and do some sight seeing. I’m personally going to wear my running shoes (and to lighten up my suitcase, since they are my heaviest shoes!) and workout clothes to the airport and then do a quick gym sesh as soon as I get to the hotel we’re staying at on the first night. I get in at about 11 PM, east coast time but since I live in CA, that will only be around 8 PM to me, and I won’t be able to sleep anyway at that hour, so why not? Also, my mom and I like to do laps around the terminals while waiting for our flights…who cares if people that we’ll never see again think we’re weird?!

6. Play with the kids! I have eleven cousins on my dad’s side (which is who I’m staying with), it’s pure craziness. Even though you may feel like you are above playing tag or whatever it may be, you should just join in! Playing kids games can actually be really fun, and can get your heart pumpin’! So run around, play some beach volleyball, or go on a family bike ride. Anything that gets you moving is fine!

 Hopefully I’ll have time to post while I’m away, hope you all have a lovely day!

What are some of YOUR healthy tips for traveling?