My top 10 Vegan Protein Sources

DSC_0090.jpgIf you ask any vegan what the most commonly asked question that they hear is, I bet they’ll answer with, “but how do you get your protein?” I have gotten asked this question SO many times and it’s crazy to me that some people are still under the impression that it’s hard for vegans to get enough protein. Truth is, a lot of people overestimate the amount of protein that we actually need. Protein deficiency is pretty much a non-issue unless you’re severely under-eating. Anyways, here is a list of my top vegan sources of protein (for the time being):


  1. Tofu- I know this is totally cliche, but I happen to LOVE tofu. It’s great because it’s versatile and can take on almost any flavor. It contains 7 g of protein per 70 calories. 1 g/10 cal is pretty protein dense. I typically eat 1/3 of a box at a time which is about 10 g of protein and 100 calories. I love it in stir frys with teriyaki sauce.dsc_0096
  2. Black Beans- or any beans, really. You can never go wrong with beans. They’re yummy in anything: soups, chilis, burritos, you name it. 10 g of protein per 1/2 cup serving.
  3. Garbanzo Beans- This might be redundant because I just listed beans above and I guess technically these are beans; however, when I think of beans I don’t think of these guys so I thought I’d throw them on the list anyway. My favorite way to eat garbanzo beans is in salads. They add a unique flavor and texture and are just so good. Also, hummus. Yum. The serving size is also 1/2 cup and you get 10 g of protein.

    4. Powdered Peanut Butter- All nut butters have a significant amount of protein but the reason that I love this powdered version is because it has way less calories but still packs the same amount of protein. All you have to do is stir it with water and use it however you would use your typical peanut butter. A 2 tablespoon serving is only 50 calories whereas in typical nut butters is ~ 190 calories. In that 2 tablespoon serving you get 6 g of protein.

    5. Edamame Spaghetti- This stuff is incredible. I swear. It’s so good and contains 24 grams of protein (!!!) in one serving. Enough said.

    6. Black Bean Spaghetti- Similar to the above except made from black beans. Equally as incredible. For a serving containing 215 calories, you get 25 grams of protein. So great.

    7. Meatless Meatballs- If you want a super protein-packed meal, you can put these on top of your edamame or black bean spaghetti. They’re so yummy and have so much flavor! For 6 meatballs, there are 14 grams of protein.

    8. Orgain Protein Powder- This is BY FAR my favorite protein powder I’ve ever tried! It’s not chalky, it blends well and tastes delicious. I put two scoops in my oatmeal every morning for a little extra boost of protein and because it makes my oats super chocolatey. Mmmm. I also love to add this into shakes with almond milk and banana. For a serving of 2 scoops, it has 21 grams of protein.

    9. Quinoa- My favorite grain when I’m looking to get in some quality protein. One cup contains about 8 grams of protein. I almost always have quinoa in the house which is why I keep it in a generic container and don’t have a nutrition label to show.dsc_0111

    10. Van’s Power Grains Waffles- These are a very recent discovery of mine and they’ve already become one of my faves. For 2 waffles, you get 10 grams of protein. They’re so so so good. I love putting peanut butter and jelly on top.dsc_0109dsc_0110

Share with me your favorite vegan protein sources, and let me know if we share any of the same favorites!

The pursuit of happiness

I would certainly not classify myself as unhappy. I am the type of girl that almost constantly has a smile on her face. I enjoy the little things in life. Even with that being said, I definitely could be happier. Last week my Mom and I went to a class entitled, “The Practice of Happiness for Health and Well-being”. I mentioned in my About me section that I am trying to let loose and not be so rigid with my eating rules. I would choose to stay home over going out with friends because that could lead to uncertain, unplanned and potentially unhealthy foods (the horror!). If I just stay home, I would be able to control and predetermine every morsel that goes in my body and will be able to eat every three hours to keep my metabolism going. I recently realized that my thinking/attitude was way off, and that I needed to change. I can’t just shut my friends out because I’m scared of eating, say, a slice of pizza.


This was the title of the class & description

The class my mom and I took could not have happened at a better time in my life. In this class we talked about certain things that make us happy. Things like family, pets, meditation, reading, and yoga were mentioned. It was a really interesting class, but the most interesting part was when we had to say what our future intentions were in order for us to be happier. I immediately knew what to write: I need to make an effort to see my friends more, and let go of trying to eat “perfectly” all the time.

I have been trying. For example, yesterday I spent the day at the beach with a friend, and then at night I went to see “The Lucky One” (I thought it was so good!) with a different friend. It really feels good to spend time with my friends, I have missed the adventures and shenanigans that we get into. Obviously this doesn’t mean that my problems have automatically gone away, but I think this is a healthy step back to normalcy.


Subway eaten at the beach– Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and avocado on wheat. It was so stuffed it couldn’t even close, just the way I like my sandwiches 😉


Ignore my mane blowing in my face–the wind was crazy.

Oh and just to clarify, I do not, by any means, think eating healthily is bad. I think it is great and eating healthy foods is one of the best things you can do for you body. BUT, when it becomes an obsession and you cut out foods that you used to love, or change your life just so you can eat healthily, or constantly think about food and when/what you’re eating next then it seems to be an issue.

What are some things that YOU can do to make yourself happier? Has anyone else experienced anything like what I’m going through?