Healthy Traveling Tips

Hey, hey! I think I mentioned before that I will be going on vacay tomorrow. WOOHOO! Outer banks, North Carolina, here I come 😀 Hopefully the power is working at the rental house where we will be staying, because I’ve heard that areas on the east coast are going through sweltering heat and some have no electricity…that would be miserable. I just checked the weather for this week and I’m praying the weather doesn’t ACTUALLY turn out this way:



Whenever I tell people that I’m going on vacation to North Carolina, they respond “WHY?!” I then proceed to tell them how beautiful it is and that we rent a house right by the beach and they usually say, “There’s a beach in North Carolina?!!” I told my dad that this is how most of my friends respond, and he suggested I get new friends…ones that know geography. North Carolina IS on the coast, after all. If you guys don’t believe me that North Carolina is gorgeous, I will post pictures when I’m back that will convince you that it is.

Anyways, traveling always stresses me out. For obvious reasons (airplanes, airports, etc) and not so obvious reasons (what am I going to eat?). Here are some tips that I use when traveling, in order to not turn into a lazy slob within the week.

1. Packets of oatmeal are your BEST friend. Seriously. Just ask for a cup of hot water and you can pretty much eat it anywhere (on the plane, in the airport, at a hotel). In my situation, since I will be staying at a rental house, I like to bring my oatmeal, even though there are breakfast options, but  I just like to keep my diet somewhat normal to what is usually is.Image

2. Drink A LOT of water. Water helps your body run properly, and since traveling is very stressful on your body, water can help. It also helps you feel full. I always hate doing this because I absolutely HATE climbing over the person next to me on the plane every 20 minutes to use the restroom. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

3. Don’t forget to eat your fiber! Sometimes while on vacation, we completely forget about our usual eating rules. Fiber is one nutrient that you don’t want to forget. Not only does it help you feel fuller longer, but if your fiber intake is lacking you can become bloated and constipated AKA not cute, especially if you’re gonna be sportin’ a bikini. 😉


4. Pack snacks. Bars, nuts, dried fruit, real fruit, etc. It sucks when you’re sitting in the airport & starving, and you don’t want to pay the absolutely insane prices for food. Or when you’re on the plane & they don’t serve you a meal (I haven’t had a meal on a plane in years, you’d think if you were flying across country you would get at least a bag of pretzels…not the case). My fave bars as of now are called Corazonas Oatmeal squares, and I bought them at Costco. My favorite flavor is the blueberry, although I’ve only tried blueberry and the chocolate chip flavors. They have a good amount of fiber (6 grams) and are really tasty and filling!


5. Try to incorporate your normal fitness routine. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard your normal routine. Try finding hotels that have gyms/pools. If not, take walks/runs around the neighborhood and do some sight seeing. I’m personally going to wear my running shoes (and to lighten up my suitcase, since they are my heaviest shoes!) and workout clothes to the airport and then do a quick gym sesh as soon as I get to the hotel we’re staying at on the first night. I get in at about 11 PM, east coast time but since I live in CA, that will only be around 8 PM to me, and I won’t be able to sleep anyway at that hour, so why not? Also, my mom and I like to do laps around the terminals while waiting for our flights…who cares if people that we’ll never see again think we’re weird?!

6. Play with the kids! I have eleven cousins on my dad’s side (which is who I’m staying with), it’s pure craziness. Even though you may feel like you are above playing tag or whatever it may be, you should just join in! Playing kids games can actually be really fun, and can get your heart pumpin’! So run around, play some beach volleyball, or go on a family bike ride. Anything that gets you moving is fine!

 Hopefully I’ll have time to post while I’m away, hope you all have a lovely day!

What are some of YOUR healthy tips for traveling?

Happy 4th! & WIAW :)

Happy 4th of July! Even though today is the 4th of July, I still don’t have a plan yet. I have some options, but haven’t yet decided what to do. I guess I should really figure it out considering, well, today is the 4th. oops.

Now onto the fun stuff, because I know that my [lack of] plans isn’t anywhere as exciting as What I Ate Wednesday!:


Breakfast: a big bowl of Kashi Truly Vanilla oatmeal (yes, this is the oatmeal that I recently bought in bulk) mixed with strawberries and cinnamon


Lunch: A hard-boiled egg (2) and half an avocado mashed together with some spinach and tomato slices (I’m still eating tomatoes 🙂 –see last weeks WIAW) and two slices of Oroweat 10 grain bread. Hard boiled eggs and avocado are SO good mashed together. I never thought that mixture was weird until my friend told me how disgusting it looked/sounded. I still enjoyed every bite of it.


Also for lunch was a portabello mushroom with melted Colby Jack cheese and red peppers on top. MMMM


Afternoon snack: a bowl of oat bran mixed with cinnamon. Sadly, I ran out of pumpkin for this bowl 😦


Dinner: A big pile of egg whites mixed with swiss cheese, spinach and chopped red bell peppers.


And spicy hummus on an english muffin.


Late night snack: An orange. Plain and simple.


And an added bonus (!!!!), this WIAW is also focusing a bit on fitness. So I’ll tell you what I do for exercise in a typical week. For starters, every night I take a power walk with my mom and dog for about 35-45 minutes. I take a lot of group fitness classes at my gym, so here is what my typical gym schedule looks like:

Monday: Body Pump (1 hour of weight lifting, squatting, lunging…pure hell, but I love it)

Tuesday: Yoga (1 hour). Aaah, so nice to stretch out my muscles.

Wednesday: I typically don’t go to the gym on this day but if I do I just do a workout on my own–usually treadmill or elliptical.

Thursday: Pilates for an hour

Friday, Saturday: No gym for me (usually, unless I really want to which usually isn’t the case). so on these days, I try to make an effort to go biking, hiking, but if I don’t find the time or energy for that I just stick to the walk with my mama.

Sunday: Yoga in the morning for an hour, then I usually do some running/walking on the treadmill and do some lower body work.

I hope you all have a nice day full of fun, family, friends, and fireworks!

Making Changes (for the better)

I just got home from doing a workout called, The Bar Method, at this cute little studio. I went with one of my friends, who is a receptionist there, and your first class is free :D. It’s SUCH a good workout, I loved it! Seriously my legs and butt are hating me right now. Anyways, I just thought I would fill you guys in on the positive changes that I’ve been making in my life.


Post-workout meal(before I rolled it up): Yes, I know that this looks unappetizing, but it was actually really good. (whole wheat tortilla, light life vegetarian crumbles, spinach, swiss cheese, red peppers, avocado, and taco sauce)

Change #1: Remember how I mentioned that I took a class about happiness with my mom? One of the things that I said I was going to change in order to be happier was make more of an effort to see my friends. For the past year or so, staying at home was just so much easier when it came to making “healthy” decisions, so that’s what I would do. But lately I realized (thank goodness) that I actually miss my friends. I miss doing things that aren’t planned. I miss being spontaneous. I miss eating at random restaurants, ones that I didn’t google beforehand to check the calorie count. I think I’m heading in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my time alone and quiet time (AKA my Sudoku time–yeah, I’m weird), but luckily there’s enough time for both.

ImageChange #2: I stopped tracking my calories!!!! I used to use this website that tracked everything, like everything from calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber to vitamin A and Iron consumption. This is a biggie for me. It’s been tough, and I have to admit that I find myself trying to calculate my calorie intake in my head, but I’m loosening up as the days go by. For the past year and a half, I have counted pretty much every calorie. It was so exhausting. I would eat when I wasn’t hungry or not eat even if  I was hungry so as not to surpass or be under my calories that I allowed myself. If I was low on say, vitamin C, I would make myself eat an orange or something, in order to get all my numbers to be in the correct range. It is so freeing to not track nutrients. I am learning how to actually listen to my body to determine whether or not I need to eat.

Change #3: I let myself indulge if I want to! I’ve started eating dark chocolate pretty much every day, because I love it SOOO much. I get 90% Cocoa Lindt chocolate, which is amazing! The first time I had it I thought it had zero taste, but honestly I can’t get enough of it now.


Have you ever realized that you were in need of change? Ever made any changes that are similar to mine?