Cruisin’ down the street in my ’64

Yeah, again with my deceptive titles. I don’t have a ’64 of whatever kind of car that they are talking about in “Boyz N The Hood” by Eazy-E. But this post does have to do with old cars and Eazy-E so I found it only suiting. 

My dad is a lover of classic cars. Always has, and probably always will. We usually end up going to car shows every Father’s Day. This year we had planned to, but my dad discovered that the radio in his ’65 Sunbeam Tiger was broken. So instead we went to the store and purchased a new radio. After it was installed we decided to go for a cruise to test the new radio out and because it was such a beautiful day. I wanted to try using Pandora radio with it. Next thing I know, at full volume, is Eazy- E rapping away with his profanity-laden lyrics. Of course the top was down, and of course we were at a red light. AKA everyone around us could hear. Also, of course I had no idea how to turn it off or even turn it down for that matter. After a couple minutes of flailing, I ended up just pulling the plug. Super awkward.


After that little mishap, we headed to the beach and just drove around, through the canyons, down the Pacific Coast Highway. We figured out how to use Pandora and listened to the 60’s music station which mainly played the beach boys, which was perfect because, well, we were by the beach and in a car made in the 60’s. It was honestly so relaxing and refreshing to just clear my head.


I love my dad.