Who Am I Without My Past Eating-Disorders?

In my “About Me” section and in past posts, I’ve given so much power to my previous eating-disorders and talked as if my eating-disorders are all that I’m about. Although having struggles with food in the past has/is definitely been a prominent part of my life, it is not all I am. I am more than my eating-disorders. I’d like to tell you more about who I am as a person.

I have a big heart. I am an extremely caring person and empathetic person. I care way too much about others and can feel others’ emotional pain, almost as if it’s my own. I get told that I’m “too nice” all the time. I cry often during movies and TV shows. I smile all the time and laugh a lot (and loudly). I think basic manners, like saying “please” and “thank you” are extremely important. I’m vegan because I love animals and I don’t agree with supporting such a cruel industry. I have a dog and a cat whom I love dearly. I love my parents and my older brother. I love my boyfriend, and we’ve been together 2.5 years. I love to train and lift weights. I’m an introvert. I want to either go to nursing school and get my BSN or a Bachelor’s in nutritional science. I rarely drink and don’t really like to party or go to bars. I love to be outdoors and do things like hiking and camping. Training and working out is my therapy and I love being strong.

There’s more to me than a history of eating disorders.



Thoughts from the weekend

1. When you buy Kashi Oatmeal in bulk off Amazon and then receive it in the mail, it really is like Christmas in June.

Image2. Why does my cat feel the need to have to go in every box that comes into our house? (Yep, this is approximately 2.3 seconds after unloading the Kashi)

Image3. When you are overly prepared to go hiking (i.e. have slathered on sunscreen, put on your workout clothes and shoes, put on a hat, have your water bottle filled, taken the typical mirror picture of yourself,and have loaded your dog in the car), something will go wrong. Something to the tune of your car having a dead battery so that you can’t even back out of the driveway.


4. “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” is such a great movie. Even my parental units loved it.


Ryan Gosling. Enough Said.

5. I’ve realized that my annual family vacation to the Outer banks of North Carolina (a.k.a where pretty much every Nicholas Sparks novel takes place) is less than two weeks away!! Wait…what?! Can’t freaking wait.

6. This isn’t a thought, but I’ll leave you with pictures of some of my eats from the weekend as a parting gift. In no particular order…


Oat bran with pumpkin, cinnamon, and walnuts.


Egg whites, swiss cheese, spinach, and red peppers


Double Fiber English muffin with avocado smeared on topImage

Barley, black beans,(under the pile of veggies) and a huge pile of veggies

carrots with spicy red pepper hummus

Imagespaghetti squash (is it weird that I just like to eat it plain?)


Double Fiber English muffin with Trader Joe’s Superfruit spread


Trader Joe’s Black Bean Taquitos